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“Arphic enhance customer’s overall performance through quality services, working together with customers to create a competitive advantage.” Arphic Technology regards itself as the most professional font developer and provider of embedded systems solutions in the world.


Founded : May 1990
Employee size : 60+
Capital :US $ 2.58 million
1. Font/work-creation software R&D, technology, and marketing.
2. Client-Server & Web-based solution focusing on code, data exchange, printing solution.
3. A professional lineup of font-technology experts to provide customers with the best consulting services on using Arphic font products.

Ever since its foundation in 1990, Arphic Technology has adhered to the lofty ideals of elegance, innovation, and reliability.

Dedicating to the digitization, perfection, and modernization of Asian characters, Arphic Technology’s professional team has successfully developed iFont®, color fonts, personalized font, dynamic font and has created a number of font technologies and products for information appliances with its state-of-the-art font development system and revolutionary concepts. Thanks to the rapid development of digital technologies, more and more households and personal devices have been digitized for online applications in recent years. Information appliances transmit messages throughout the world. Thus, elegant fonts are needed to facilitate communication. Starting from Asian Chinese character technology, Arphic Technology has progressively developed a series of digitized fonts and has successfully created the fonts for other languages. Most importantly, Arphic Technology has earned the trust and confidence from its partners and customers with its globalized products and most considerate services. Moreover, Arphic Technology has devoted itself to the research and development of e-commerce in recent years. Arphic Technology has advanced to provide e-document service, e-publication service, and e-commercial service extensively. As a result, Arphic Technology successfully creates value and accomplishes the dreams of the internet e-solution; and thus intensively satisfies human needs.

In Asia, Chinese-speaking nations have to deal with the Chinese characters and coding problems in their computerization process. Arphic Technology has spent a considerable amount of time and resources to develop the related technologies “Helping customers to upgrade efficiency by top service quality, Arphic creates competitive advantages for customers”. There is no doubt that Arphic Technology is the most professional font developer, e-document producer, and embedded solution provider of the world. Profile and products over the past 16 years; and has thus offered perfect e-government and e-business solutions regarding font, Gaiji and code-exchange.

Recently, exchanging electronic information is an inevitable trend throughout the world. The e-documents are helpful for knowledge management and reutilization. For this mainstream, Arphic Technology successfully develops and integrated the technologies related to e-document production and management; Besides, Arphic is working closely with the world-class manufacturers in order to provide the most comprehensive solutions e-document production, management, and publication. Arphic Technology not only brings the cultural heritage of Oriental characters to the world, but also spread knowledge extensively for the advancement of human being.