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Stroke-based TrueType(STT) Font

This is a new stroke-based TrueType font recently developed by Arphic. Its major difference from CCT font is the use of a TrueType composite glyph format, which avoids the use of the Apple patented TrueType instruction. This makes it particularly suitable for use with FreeType Engine products. Because this does not need to enable the FreeType bytecode hinting function, exempt from infringing upon Apple’s patent. As such, STT is a new choice for Linux and embedded web browsers that use FreeType as the TrueType engine.

The STT font provided by Arphic is a TrueType font mainly directed at Chinese and Japanese, including Traditional Chinese Big-5, Simplified Chinese GB and Japanese (JIS) languages. These come in a variety of stylistic font choices including Kai, Round-Gothic, Gothic, Sung and Ming. Because ideographic characters are made up of strokes, this method can make font capacity smaller; for example, if we look at a GB18030 Sung (containing over 27,000 Chinese characters) with STT, then the file is around 5.5MB in size that is approximately from one third to one half the size of a normal TrueType front file, making it especially suitable for embedded systems usage.

GB Gothic 24×24 Grayscale

GB Kaiti 24×24 Grayscale

Compact TrueType (CTT) Font

The Compact TrueType font combines Arphic’s unique Icon-based font technology and the TrueType byte-code instruction, the volume is small font attractive and completely compatible with standard TruType. A typical BIG-5 font of Ming Compact TrueType is roughly 1.8MB in size and Japanese JIS X 0208 font approximately 1.4MB. These files are all one third the size of a normal TrueType file. Arphic’s CTT font product can also be used with Win CE or developed devices using a TrueType Engine platform with an Apple patent license.

Big5 Round Gothic(Bold) 24×24 Grayscale

GB Gothic(medium) 24×24 Grayscale

JIS Round Gothic(Bold) 24×24 Grayscale

l RTT Sample Demo l CTT Sample Demo