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In recent years consumer electronics products, digital office equipments, and industrial or medical devices have nearly all been equipped with an LCD screen as a display device interface. As a result, the demand for display messages with embedded font has greatly increased.

For products to be marketed worldwide, it is important that messages are displayed in the local language for meeting localized trend. Most mobile phones, smart cell phones, E-books, multi functional E-dictionaries, set-top boxes, digital televisions, satellite navigation systems etc use an IC (flash memory or ROM) as their storage medium, which greatly limits available storage space, making it necessary for them to use font products that take up as little space as possible. Moreover, the displays used by these information appliances are mono LCD or color LCD screens, with multiple combinations of screen size and resolution. A wide range of changeable functions provided requires font products with a clear small point size, attractive large point size, the choice of multiple functions, and the memory taking up only a small area. This is particularly true of the screens used by set-top boxes and digital televisions, which often suffer from the problem of low resolution and flickering pictures. These products require a specially manufactured TV Font to overcome such problems.

Arphic has many years of experience in the development of professional fonts. Its latest product, iFont, includes fonts with languages worldwide and offers a combination of high quality and flexibility with low cost, making it the best possible partner for font applications in consumer and industrial electronic products.

Depending on features of customers products and system environment, Arphic iFont can also be used in comprehensive information appliances.